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Monday, August 4, 2014

Help yourself to good health

Good day to you all. I have been talking with some friends about different health concerns and how they are handling them. I will be having knee replacement surgery some time this fall and after discussing this with friends who have already gone through the procedure, I am satisfied that it will be in my best interest to have this done. I am happy to hear that once the surgery is done, there won't be any more joint pain. Wow. Imagine that. I could actually walk without a lot of pain and bone on bone grinding that I have now. So I will have the left knee done this year, and the right one next year. 

I have also started going to acupuncture once a week again. Being diabetic, I have neuropathy and it drives me crazy. Or at least it did until I had a couple of treatments. I had gone to acupuncture a few years ago to help with my arthritis and it turned out very well for me. So this time, we will work on my hands and feet. One of my friends is having some treatments done for cancer in the hip and she is amazed at how well she is doing. Her regular doctors said they could do nothing more for her. So, she talked to some of her friends about acupuncture and has been going for weekly treatments. I am very happy for her. She is not cured of cancer but her quality of life has improved immensely. 

The medical plan I have allows me to use acupuncture and even a chiropractor if I need it. There is a College of Oriental Medicine in Portland and I go there for my treatments. It is very inexpensive and the people are great!  They also have a section for herbal care. For people who need that little extra, this is an added bonus.

Now with the marijuana law passed in Washington and Colorado, there are all sorts of articles on the internet about cures for various ailments. If you wade through the chaff you can find some good articles that may help you or someone you know. Be smart, do your homework, and find what will work for you.  I wish you all good health.


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  1. Best wishes with the knee replacement! I'm not a fan of surgical procedures (but, who is? I mean, other than surgeons!), but I've witnessed grand and consistent quality of life improvements in others who have had them. I trust this Will be the same for you!