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Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's been a while. Lets discuss cures for disease. One disease in particular.

It has really been a while since I wrote on this blog. Shame on me! Everything that follows here is IN MY OPINION. It is NOT a proven scientific fact, or any such thing. Just me talking about something I have noticed and some cures that I believe could be possible.

I am talking about Cancer and the various cures for it. I have lost many family members and friends to this wicked disease. I also have friends who are going through the process now. There is the standard "cure" to try, chemo and radiation. Phoey! and Double Phoey!
I see reports of new found "cures" for cancer every day. Just open a newspaper or read online about this. Occasionally a report is published after lots of investigation and research. I read today about whether or not cancer is a Fungus. This article, having got my attention also asked the question: "Is it curable with baking soda?" Now I like to think that researchers, doctors and anyone else involved is trying hard to find a cure for Cancer. Also in the news are various articles which talk about different new findings for a cure. Just google "cure for cancer". There are About 59,900,000 results just from that one search. I could spend months doing this research. I even read about marijuana as a cure from the American Cancer Society website. 

Without getting in deeper for now, let me just ask some questions. 

What you think about cancer and the various cures that are popping up all over?

Why do you think clinics like "Cancer Treatment Centers of America" have such a good cure rate?
Have you read the articles about various cures?

Would you rather not think about it?

I have a list of websites that I have read. I would love to hear your opinion.

Thank you.