My Radiant Moon

Image courtesy of Josephine Wall

Monday, September 30, 2013


I see it all the time. On the news, in real life, on the internet. People are beginning to change. They are getting more involved in their communities, in politics and in daily life. Here in Washington state, we are voting on a bill to force GMO labeling so consumers know what they are buying. Just check the local news for stories about this subject. People are no longer satisfied to sit back and not get involved. 

More and more I see where volunteers are doing things like cleaning up vacant lots, or helping to get people out of flooded areas. I also see where folks are doing small things like keeping leaves out of the drains so the streets don't flood. In our area, I saw recently that there were no openings for volunteers at the local animal shelter. Wonderful! People Pay It Forward all the time. That is a wonderful feeling. I enjoy reading about how someone paid for another person's lunch or bought their groceries. I have done my share of the PIF movement. I always carry some extra cash with me just in case I find someone in need.

Another type of change I notice is the weather. This week here in the northwest, we are breaking records for the amount of rainfall that we have gotten recently. The closest statistics concerning the amount of rainfall we have had for the month of September goes back to 1889. Wow. We are used to rain here in the northwest but not like it has been lately. And just look at what happened in Colorado. Oh my goodness. The devastation there is amazing. All over the country the weather is changing and not so much for the better. I am afraid this winter will be bad for many areas of the country. 

I just shake my head in reference to cars. Oh my goodness. I remember when you could open the hood and actually see the engine. You could change your own oil, or give the car a tune up. Now that is pretty much a thing of the past. Have you looked under the hood of new cars? I did once on my 1995 Neon. I wanted to see what was there. Ha! You couldn't put a piece of paper between anything in that engine compartment. Everything was jammed in and there was no room for anything. That was the first and last time I looked under the hood. Thank goodness for AAA.

And of course there is the change that comes with old age. I for one am amazed that so much can change the older I get. Eat a cinnamon roll? Oh I wish. For some reason the cinnamon no longer agrees with me. Go for long walks like I used to or maybe spend the day shopping? Again, not a chance. I have learned to do things in a different way. I have to pace myself more and slow down. I now know how difficult it is to do anything with arthritis. When you are determined, you can change the way you do something or change your attitude about it. It warms my heart when someone opens a door for me so I can ride my scooter in to the store. People ask if they can reach an item for me on the top shelf at the grocery store. Twenty years ago it was rare that someone would offer to help a handicap person, but not anymore. I bless each and every one of you!     

Isn't it amazing that one simple six lettered word can make such a difference in the world? I for one am thankful for the changes I am seeing now. What kinds of change have you noticed? It is something to stop and think about.