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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Notice Your Surroundings

We have noticed lately there are a lot of people in our corner of the northwest who are polite, smiling and offering to help should help be needed by anyone. Since I use a mobility scooter to get around, my partner has to load/unload it from our van. More and more, people who are passing by will ask if we need any help. As a recent example, a man passing in his car stopped and asked if we needed help. When I am shopping in a store and can't quite reach something, someone will ofter to help me. We may even spend a minute talking.

I find it heartwarming that so many people are becoming aware of others around them. Not too long ago, people wouldn't pay any attention to their surroundings. They went through life not making eye contact with anyone and they didn't smile. It may be that if two people happened to make eye contact, they would have to either smile, or make some sort of conversation. Oh no! That could not be allowed it seems. But now, I notice people are not so afraid to look up and see another person. They may even nod politely or smile. When I ride around in my scooter, I smile and say Hi to everyone and most of the time they smile back. Children are especially curious about my ride. I am happy to explain why I ride it. Their parents smile and are glad that I would take time to talk to the children. It always makes me smile when a child will ask about my scooter. There is no embarrassment from a child, only curiosity.  

These little interactions between humans is a very natural part of living. Pay It Forward is one way people are interacting more. I see it quite often now. We try to Pay It Forward when we can and find that by doing so, we feel better about life in general. Helping another person in some small way helps make the world a bit better.  How do you deal with day to day interactions with others?           

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  1. I love doing what I can to nurture this sort of behavior in my community, in those small, quiet ways and in ways more intentional and organized.

    The simple act of offering a smile to someone can shift the energy of their day/space/whatever to a more positive place. I know. I've been on the receiving end. :)